At DRI DUCK, we believe the internet should be available and easily accessible to everyone, regardless of abilities or challenges. We are committed to providing a positive user experience for everyone who visits our website.

To this end we’re updating our code to make sure that it complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) published by the World Wide Web Consortium, version 2.1. We’re working to make sure that all parts of our site are available through keyboard navigation and assistive technologies. We’re updating alternative text on images to be more descriptive, considering how to make our color schemes have sufficient contrast ratios, and working to make the structure of our site more amenable to screen readers and other assistive technologies.

We encourage all our patrons to visit the website on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers if possible. In order for some accessibility features to work, JavaScript and CSS should be enabled. If there is any part of the site that is inaccessible or difficult to use, we encourage you to contact us. We are committed to continually updating and improving our site to provide the best user experience possible. We welcome and appreciate your feedback!

The DRI DUCK Customer Service Team

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