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    A nice jacket with bad inside pockets.

    Posted by Geezer on Oct 21st 2020

    I'm 6' 200lbs. I got a large in the Charcoal color about a month ago. Good fit with room for layers. I really like the style of this jacket. The stitching is great. I like the material that this jacket is made of. Seems tough. Heavy duty. There is definitely a sense of feeling protected when you wear a jacket like this. Protected from the weather. Protected from a nail that might be sticking out . Protected if you want to bust your way through some brush. Whatever. It's a good feeling to wear this jacket. I really do like it.....BUT ! The inside pockets are an absolute catastrophe. The positioning, The size and the style of these inside pockets is absolutely unacceptable. For some strange reason the good people at DRI DUCK have decided to locate these pockets way down low inside the jacket. And I mean Way Down Low. The bottom of these inside pockets are actually down at the waist of the jacket. In order to access these inside pockets the jacket must be unzipped most of the way down. REALLY DRI DUCK ? Why ? There is a good reason that no other company situates the inside pockets like this. BECAUSE IT'S A TERABLE IDEA !!! Think about it. Who wants to unzip their jacket most of the way to get to their stuff ? Like their cell phone for just one example. Oh yeah. The cell phone pocket. The phone pocket that is too small to hold a phone securely. That's right. I have a small smart phone. Only 5.5'' tall when standing up in the pocket. The pocket can not be snapped shut with my small phone inside. Not big enough. Not suitable for most phones. WTF ? Why even bother ? This phone pocket is scabbed over top of a jumbo sized pocket that has no way to be closed. No zipper. No Velcro. No snap. Then there is the screwy inside pocket situation on the other side of the jacket. Way Down Low. This pocket is clearly and unmistakably an attempt at trying to be a bit too creative. If you want to lose your stuff then it will be just perfect for you. I must also mention that the snaps on the cuffs seem a bit weak imo. What a shame. A great jacket with a tragic inside pocket situation. Please get it sorted out DRI DUCK. You could easily climb to the top of the hill and slug it out with the king. (We all know who that is. ) Just a few more steps and you are there.

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    Maverick jacket

    Posted by Jeffrey R Aquino on Oct 9th 2020

    Got my jacket today. I'm 5'8" 180 lbs with a bit of a belly, I got a medium, fits great. I was worried because sometimes a medium is a bit snug, not this jacket, perfect! Tobacco color is great and the jacket looks great! Soft out of the box. I'll be wearing it if a few days because the temperature is being to drop here in Upstate NY.

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    Posted by Patrick O'Neill on Oct 8th 2020

    Comfortable, warm work coat, durable. I've worn one for four winters and it's kept me going through many dirty jobs. Just now starting to show wear on the cuffs. I've bought several as gifts for friends, as well.

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    Best canvas jacket I have ever purchased

    Posted by JB on Sep 13th 2020

    From the snap adjustable cuffs, button adjustable waist, to the inside pockets this jacket is a must purchase! I have owned other casual/work canvas jackets that take a few years to "soften up" but this one comes ready to comfortably wear. The light liner will make this a easy choice to layer up this winter.

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    Nice jacket

    Posted by Nathan on Sep 1st 2020

    Fits good. (5’9” -160# - medium) Sturdy material. Nice looking jacket. Fair price.

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    Posted by Cory Porter on Aug 10th 2020

    Man so get this...I originally ordered the jacket because it resembled one I saw on “Yellowstone” that I liked. But listen to me... I put this jacket on, not only was the fit perfect (I’m 5’10 220lbs wearing an XL). Imagine walking through the gates of heaven, right? You’re a little nervous because your judgement is about to come and we all know we’ve messed up somewhere or another. You’re standing in line, it’s your turn next. You step up there with chills all through your body. The vote is leaning towards you going to hell. BUT! God sends the angel of Marilyn Monroe to stand by your side. She gets to you and wrap her wings around you. When she releases, you’re wearing the DriDuck Maverick. That’s what it feels like wearing this jacket.

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    Posted by Ronald L Densmore on Apr 27th 2020

    Excellent! A perfect fit with exceptional quality.

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    Posted by Wayne on Apr 20th 2020

    Just received the Maverick and what a nice fit plenty of pockets. Very happy with the quality.

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    Posted by Judi Penner on Jan 20th 2020

    My bunch luvs them