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We like summer as much as you do. We also hate sweating through a shirt as much as you do too. The Highridge Seersucker was built to solve that problem.

Seersucker has continuously been the gentleman’s summer fabric of choice for centuries. Why? It’s because of its unmatched breathability in hot, humid weather. Not only is it 100% cotton, it is also woven to hold itself away from your skin, allowing for air circulation that your standard cotton tee just won’t provide you. Plus, thanks to seersucker’s natural, bunched texture, it never has to be ironed. A win, win. 

We went a step further and equipped the Highridge Seersucker with high-quality mesh panels in the underarm for another source of ventilation. So, you can spend your summers where you want to be: enjoying the outdoors instead of craving A/C.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Vented mesh underarm panel
  • Convertible sleeves with tab and button closure
  • Secure chest pockets with left side pencil stall
  • Breathable


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