Ludwig Farms | Ranchers and Ramblers

Tessa has been working at Ludwig Farmstead Creamery in Fithian, IL for 5 years, taking over management of the farm with her husband, Devin, in September 2018. “Growing up, my uncle had a dairy farm in Wisconsin, so from a young age I knew I wanted to work with dairy cattle,” she says. Well, it’s been a blast! “My favorite part of the job is seeing a calf being born. It never gets old welcoming a new life into our herd!”

Their days start early - 5:30 to be exact. Tessa and Devin take great pride in the quality of care their cows receive as they believe it translates to even more delicious cheese. They take their passion even further by attending cattle shows, delivering cheese personally, and general farm work. If you can believe it, Tessa even works off-farm as an ED nurse.

Tessa and Devin have been DRI DUCK ambassadors since April 2020. “DRI DUCK has proved over and over the quality of their gear. We put our clothing to the test while working on the farm, and we trust in the brand for durable gear that can go from milking cows to cheese samplings. Devin & I resonate so much with DRI DUCK’s phrase ‘Grit Happens.’ We believe in hard work, passion, and perseverance and strive to keep our cows as happy and healthy as they possibly can be!”