KC Cattle Co | Ranchers and Ramblers

When we learned about KC Cattle Company, there was zero hesitation. Here at DRI DUCK, we value working with local companies, veterans making a difference, and product that is quality-made – KC Cattle Company over performs.

KC Cattle Company is a small wagyu beef business in Kansas City, owned and operated by veterans and growing every minute.

Patrick Montgomery started KC Cattle Company after retiring from the military in 2014. He spent the majority of his time in the 75th Ranger Regiment as an assistant gunner, a gun team leader, and a sniper on a sniper team. Two deployments in Afghanistan and over 160 missions on high value targets later, Patrick wanted to bring his passions together and create KC Cattle Company. He’d suffered a loss during his first deployment – the death of his brother-in-law Jeremy A. Katzenberger in which Patrick was afforded the honor of bringing Jeremy home to his sister – fueling his passions even more.

Patrick studied Animal Science at the University of Missouri and minored in entrepreneurship. During this time, he fell in love with business and married this knowledge with agriculture to create his business today.

“I noticed the disconnect between consumers and the agriculture means to which their food is produced. KC Cattle Co. aimed to bridge this gap.”

But why wagyu beef? “There are so many gimmicks out there for protein items. I didn’t want to be another one of those people. I wanted people to tell a palatable difference between what they buy from their grocery store compared to what they buy from us. Wagyu provides that.”

Most importantly, Patrick consistently makes sure he’s giving back to the veteran community by giving monetary donation to non-profits, beef donations to shelters, and guidance to veterans that need it. “I stay incredibly busy, but what’s the point in all of it if you can’t give back to the people you care about?”

DRI DUCK has been working with KC Cattle Company since September 2019. “KC Cattle Company’s brand is synonymous with quality. We aim to provide this in everything we sell and support. We have worn a lot of work wear on this farm. DRI Duck has out worked and out lasted every other brand.”