Joe Patterson | Ranchers & Ramblers

Growing up, Joe went on incredible camping trips with his family: parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents – they all loved the outdoors. His dad taught him to hunt and fish, and his mom instilled in him a love for the mountains and storytelling. Joe grew up with heroes like Theodore Roosevelt and Daniel Boone – their charisma and adventure overshadowing all others. Joe’s Grandpa passed on his passion for woodworking, and Joe found his own passion in technology and gaming which led him into the world of photography, videography, and game streaming. Joe picked up his first point-and-shoot camera in college and instantly fell in love. Producing and entertaining is the core of Joe’s passions – no matter how he’s creating, he likes variety and a challenge. Today, Joe’s main walk of life is being a student minister, helping young people overcome the hard knocks of life and navigate their transitional years. As you can imagine, Joe’s day-to-day is rather eclectic – never on a routine path.

Joe’s white German Shepard, Griffin, is so beloved that Joe recently published his first book documenting all of his adventures with Griffin by his side. The Legend of Griffin is a tale-by-tale account of the hardships, the redemption, and the adventures of life. You can find him on Instagram at @white_wolf_griffin.

Joe’s adventure with DRI DUCK started in late 2018. “I grew up working on farms and doing construction. It's often hot, sweaty work and the days are long. I always felt like I had to choose one thing or the other: either comfortable clothes that would tear and wear out in no time, or durable clothes that were scratchy, didn't breathe, and didn't fit comfortably. With DRI DUCK I get the best of both worlds. I haven't managed to wear anything of theirs out yet, and trust me, it's not for lack of trying. When I was first considering working with DRI DUCK, it was very quickly apparent that this was a brand that has integrity and makes gear that lasts. That makes all the difference.”

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