Cain Madrigal | Ranchers and Ramblers

Hailing from Smith, Nevada, Cain Madrigal currently manages Smith Valley Cattle Feeders – and loves every minute of it. “My favorite part about my job is working with cattle everyday. We will have long days but they are worth it.” His passions drove his art as well, and he currently is a photographer who captures the western way of life.

Cain worked his way up at Smith Valley Cattle shortly after completing an internship at another ranch in Coalinga, CA. “I'd been with the company for three years when they asked me to take over one of their background feedlots in Nevada.” His everyday varies depending on the type of cattle they have in the yard. Long, rewarding days keep him on his toes and following his passion of working cattle.

Cain came on to our ambassador team in late 2019. “DRI DUCK has been a game changer for me because of the durability of the product. It gets below zero in the winter months and my DRI DUCK jacket has kept me warm every one of those days. The long sleeve button ups have kept me cool in the summer months and they are comfortable as well. Feedlot work can be tough on clothing, but my DRI DUCK gear has stepped up to the challenge! I wouldn't wear anything else.”