Brook Hickle | Ranchers & Ramblers

For the last 15 years, Brook Hickle and her husband, Keith, have been operating Rocking Bar H Ranch as Red Angus beef cattle ranchers. Along with their three boys, Brook and Keith raise Red Angus beef cattle and run a hay and custom farming operation in the beautiful state of Washington. In addition to their booming cattle business, they own an online ranch goods store that opened in early 2019. Both Brook and her husband are first generation ranchers, and it’s exciting for them to see their boys continue the operation that they began back in 2005, before their youngest son was even born. They wanted to raise a family on a farm or ranch, and that was their inspiration for infiltrating the agriculture business in the first place. “I’m sure glad we did, because it’s a better life than I ever would have dreamed. It’s a joy to work together as a family. We sure do appreciate all of you who support agriculture in a variety of ways!”

Brook and her family have been DRI DUCK ambassadors since the beginning of our social media launch.

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