Brie Albright | Ranchers and Ramblers

Brie works at her local Oregon hospital in the emergency department doing insurance and registration, but behind the scenes she is as creative as they come. As a successful farmer and owner of a small businesses, she’s more like Wonder Woman. “Taking care of the mini farm we have is also a full-time job. I milk the dairy goats and we have fresh milk, cheese, ice cream and goats milk soap from them!” Brie has 2 cows, 7 goats, 13 chickens, and 4 horses.

Alongside her farm and hospital duties, she also owns LB Arrow Design where she hand-paints mugs and skulls, sells her beautiful photography, and designs mohair cinches and breast collars. LB Arrow Design has been up and running for 5 years and has never been more successful. “It started with painting enamel mugs for camping and continued to evolve with me. It’s now more stream lined into ranch and western lifestyle photography, and mohair cinches and breast collars. I still paint the occasional cup and have taken on a few custom painted skill projects as well.” Needless to say, Brie appreciates the hours in each day.

The passion she has for her job centers around quality work. “My favorite part of making mohair cinches is when my customers realize the difference that quality and well-fitting tack make for them and their horses…My favorite part of the business is helping people and horses! I love spending an afternoon tying a cinch and then seeing where that cinch takes someone.”

Through caring for her animals, snapping breathtaking photos, and running a small business (no big deal), Brie truly values hard work. At the end of the day, her animals are the priority. “Hard work is doing all the work no one else wants to do, doing it with a smile, and doing it for the right reasons. Our animals are typically “our reason.”

Brie has been an ambassador with DRI DUCK since 2017.